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Friday, 18 June 2021

Shareholder Information

Article 65 Implementation Provisions

The company is officially established when the Incorporation-General-Assembly of shareholders to have completed adequate procedures for the following:

- Verified that all registered shareholders having bought up all offered shares and paid in full for those shares under the charter of the company and law provisions.

- Board of Management and Inspection Committee have been elected; the members of the Board of Management and Inspection Committee have accepted the tasks entrusted by the General Assembly of shareholders.

- General Assembly of Shareholders has discussed and approved all contents of this charter.

- Having delegated power of management of the company to the Board of management.

- Having completed all procedures at state agencies according to laws and having registered for business registration at the Business Registration Office of the Planning and Investment Department of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

Article 66 Amendment of Charter

In the course of operations of the Company, if there are provisions in the Charter which have no longer been appropriate with the new situation and conditions, or there are issues need to be included in the charter, but have been missed out, the General Assembly of Shareholder at its annual or extraordinary meetings will consider and decide on the amendment and supplementation of relevant terms.

Article 67 Document retention regime of the company

The company must retain the following documents at the head office of the company; if these documents are retained at other places, the company shall notify to shareholders and the business registration agency:

1. Charter of the company; amendments of and supplementation to the charter of the company;

2. Business registration certificate; certificate of revision of business registration, certificate of industrial property rights; certificate of registration of product quality;

3. Regulations, internal management rules of the company;

4. Documents and papers certifying ownerships of assets of the company;

5. Register of shareholders;

6. Minutes of meetings of the General Assembly of Shareholders; Minutes of meetings of the Board of Management; Minutes of the meeting on adopting resolution of the General Assembly of Shareholders, the Board of Management in the form of written opinion collection; adopted resolutions by the General Assembly of Shareholders and the Board of Management.

7. Prospectus for issue of securities;

8. Reports of the Inspection Committee, conclusions of inspection bodies, conclusions of independent auditing organizations;

9. Books of accounts, accounting records, annual financial statements;

10. Other documents as stipulated by laws.

The company must retain the documents referred in clause 1 of this article for the duration prescribed by laws.

Article 68 Other Terms

This Charter consists of six chapters and 68 articles, which were approved and given full consent to each and every single article and chapter by the General meeting of shareholders at the Meeting of incorporation held on April 24, 2000 and its amendments and revisions were approved at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2007 (held on 10/04/2007), Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2008 (held on 10/04/2008) and Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2011 (held on 26/04/2011).

Other contents related to the organization and operation of Hai Viet Corporation which have not been provided in this Charter shall be subject to relevant provisions of the Enterprise Law 2005 and other documents of current laws.